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Apnea Mask - Discover the Best Options Now

Your Guide to sleep apea and finding the best mask for you.

According to the American Sleep Association statistics, estimates show that the compliance rates for CPAP Therapy after a few months of use drops down to only 50% - 60%. One of the main reasons cited for the low compliance rate is that of an uncomfortable sleep apnea mask or one that is improperly fitted or sized.

That is why I started this webpage, to help you discover the differences in various sleep apnea masks so that you can have a better chance of success with your sleep apnea therapy.

Sleep Apnea Mask- The Importance of a Correct Mask in CPAP Therapy

During emergencies, when it is not possible for people to get their necessary quota of sleep, many people keep themselves awake with black coffee or energy drinks. These are situations when they cannot afford to sleep. In such cases the body will return to the regular sleeping patterns when things return to normalcy. Sleep apnea sufferers are also forced to rely on sleep combating drinks to keep themselves awake. But for them, their cases of anti-sleep drinks are likely to be a permanent part of their lives unless they try to remedy their apnea problem with devices like a CPAP machine and a sleep apnea mask.

Continuous Positive Pressure Airway devices or CPAP therapy delivers very specific air pressures to its patients that open up blocked or obstructed airways that are causing cessation of breathing at night. Sleep Apnea masks are arguably the most important part of CPAP sleep apnea therapy. The sleep apnea mask covers your nose or mouth (or both) to create a proper seal so that air pressure can be delivered correctly. If your apnea mask starts to leak, this will lessen the pressure you receive and substantially hinder the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

Your Doctor is the first place to start to discover your best sleep apnea mask options. In most cases, he or she will refer you to one of the 15,000 Home Medical Equipment Companies that are located throughout the United States who specialize in providing CPAP equipment. A good local Home Medical Equipment company should be able to show you the different apnea masks options and be able to give you samples so that you can determine which mask is best for your situation.


Sleep Apnea Mask- Numerous Options

There are numerous apnea masks out there in the market to choose from. There are those that cover just the nose, and those that cover both the nose and the mouth. The latter is for open-mouthed sleepers. Then there are apnea masks with a head gear and those without, and those with a chin strap and those without. In fact there are so many choices that selection becomes a problem, even though each in its own way can be a good sleeping aid. Make sure your Home Medical Equipment provider has been correctly trained by the sleep apnea mask manufactures to be able to properly size and fit your mask; many are not, so you will need to make sure this is the case.

In many instances the selection of the right apnea mask can be based on the level of your sleep disturbance. In mild forms of sleep apnea, though the sufferer may wake up at night, they will be able slip back to sleep soon without too much discomfort. In such cases, a small pillow type mask will be more than sufficient. This type of sleep apnea mask is lightweight and many of its users state that they are not aware that they have it on. For those who have a more difficult type of sleep apnea problem, it is better to wear a mask that covers the whole face. That does not mean that the patient will have to wear a device that will resemble a canine’s muzzle or a Halloween mask. It will just be an innocuous mask that will let you have a comfortable night’s sleep. Remember, your feedback and communication play a major role in successfully managing your sleep apnea condition. For example, you are the only one who can tell your medical provider if your mask is leaking or uncomfortable, both are key areas of concern when it comes to being compliant with your sleep apnea therapy.